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[texts]Beginner B01 Vocabulaire - FranPodMex
Keywords: Vocabulaire; beginner
Downloads: 56
[audio]SoundCheck_850 - Alex Beebe
Testing out my new bass
Keywords: Beginner Bass
Downloads: 16
Keywords: piano beginner
Downloads: 4,730
[movies]Guitar Strumming - J. Atkinson
Learn a simple Strumming pattern on the Guitar.
Keywords: guitar beginner
Downloads: 130
[movies]Rhino Grasshopper - Intro (2/2)
In this video tutorial we will continue with the introduction to grasshopper. Rather then using numbers we start to make points and get a sense of how the components make geometry.
Keywords: grasshopper; intro; basics; beginner
Downloads: 8
[audio]CRES Winter Concert
Performance of Level 1 Band on Dec 14th, 2009
Keywords: band; beginner; CRES; elementary
Downloads: 21
[audio]TelescopeMan_ Beginner_Rant - Joe Lalumia
TelescopeMan rants about the same questions beginners ask -- over and over again! www.astronomyforum.net www.telescopeman.org wwww.telescopeman.info wwww.telescopeman.us
Keywords: telescopeman; astronomy; beginner
Downloads: 119
[audio]Intro-to-Android_Audio - Robert W. Korbus
Narration of SlideShare.com/RKorbus/Intro-to-Android
Keywords: Android beginner introduction 101
Downloads: 22
[audio]practice 1
Flute improvisation practice, beginner. Players notes she is tired from chores.
Keywords: flute; beginner; improv
Downloads: 32
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Accelerated grid theming using NineSixty
This session will cover the 960.gs grid system and how to implement it in Drupal using the NineSixty theme. Session outline Brief history of grid-based design Philosophy behind 960.gs and how it works Basics of grid-based theming How the NineSixty theme implements and expands on 960.gs Content-ï¬rst layout using "push" and "pull" classes Dynamic grid widths based on context Debugging tools and grid visualization Right-to-left (RTL) language support Creating versatile, dynamic, and context-bas...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; Beginner; Intermediate
Downloads: 864
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: jQuery for Designers and Themers
Small non-intrusive animations and interactions can greatly enhance the user experience and impress website visitors and clients. jQuery and jQuery UI make it easy to add these enhancements with little or no knowledge of javascript. Learn how! This session will be based on a very successful and similar session I gave at DrupalCon Paris and the sample code that resulted from that; the jQuery for Designers and Themers theme for Drupal 6...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; Beginner; Intermediate
Downloads: 1,113
[audio]practice 2
Sample 2... even more tired.
Keywords: flute; beginner; improv
Downloads: 15
[movies]Rhino Grasshopper - Intro (1/2)
In this video tutorial we will cover an introduction to grasshopper. We focus on the interface and using components.
Keywords: grasshopper; intro; basics; beginner
Downloads: 8
[movies]Rhino - Getting Started
This Rhino 3d Video tutorial is a very basic introduction to the software. This is not meant to be modeling 101 or anything of the sort. This video is really meant for anyone that has never used the application and is curious as to how it hows. I tried to keep it short for those that are just wondering how Rhino works.
Keywords: rhino; basics; interface; beginner
Downloads: 19
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Open Source Opens Doors for Youth: a professional/nonprofit/foundation collaboration builds a youth social enterprise
Few youth in the "underserved, low-income" category get exposure to the practices, ethics, and expectations of contemporary high-tech businesses. Come hear how a group of sharp and feisty youths from East Palo Alto are leaping over the digital divide. The youths from EPA.net are gearing up to own and operate a for-profit business providing professional Drupal services to their community. Their first client: themselves...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; Beginner; Intermediate
Downloads: 276
[movies]Revit - Basics About the Program
Explaining some of the basic aspects of Revit. Where Levels are in the hierarchy. How walls constrain to levels , coping in place or by level. This is just one of many tutorials that will explain fundamental aspects of Revit. Please feel free to post questions as I can answer them in future posts.
Keywords: revit; basics; beginner
Downloads: 43
[texts]syukran_pdf - Shahib Amin
Islamic beginners
Keywords: islam; syukran; beginner; visual
Downloads: 239
[audio]Introduction to Metaphysics by Henri Bergson
A brief but insightful introduction to metaphysics.
Keywords: Philosophy; Theory; Beginner
Downloads: 84
[texts]Beginner's Guide To Sewing - Beginner's Guide To Sewing
Beginner's Guide To Sewing
Keywords: Beginner's Guide To Sewing
Downloads: 52
[audio]Modern Hebrew 1 beginner - Hakan
A little about me in Hebrew, my first attempt to have a speech in this language. I'd appreciate any helps, tips, corrections, rephrasings and comments on my accent.
Keywords: modern hebrew beginner
Downloads: 275
[audio]01 Beginner's Guide To Buddhism - bsyth
Beginner's Guide to Buddhism
Keywords: Beginner; Guide; Buddhism
Downloads: 91
[movies]Beginner Guitar Lessons
http://learnhowtoplayguitar101.blogspot.com Beginner guitar lessons articles,videos and links to great sites all for you so you can get your beginner guitar lessons from my blog. best of luck, Jerry
Keywords: Beginner Guitar Lessons
Downloads: 439
[movies]Jackson - Ukulele Beginner lesson
A copy of the outline of a lesson given in the CBD Tuesday 19th July 2011
Keywords: Jackson beginner ukulele
Downloads: 185
[texts]Sketch Up Beginner's Guide
Sketch Up Beginner's Guide
Keywords: Sketch Up Beginner's Guide
Downloads: 2
[movies]Telescopeman_Sept2011_ Class - Joe Lalumia
TelescopeMan records Robert Logue of the Texas Astronomical Society as he describes the history of Astronomy at our monthly Beginner Astronomy Class. This is the September 2011 class lecture video. www.telescopeman.org www.telescopeman.us www.telescopeman.info Free royalty free music by Danosongs.com www.texasastro.org
Keywords: telescopeman; astronomy; beginner class astronomy
Downloads: 13
[movies]How to Stock Your Kitchen - Philipp Lomboy
Derek shows us essential cooking tools.
Keywords: beginner; cook; pot; pan; utensils
Downloads: 518
[movies]Rhino - Barcelona Pavilion - (1/3) Bitmap Underlay
This Rhino video tutorial will walk through the process of setting up a bitmap underlay for Mies Van Der Rohe?s Barcelona Pavilion.
Keywords: rhino; barcelona; pavilion; underlay; beginner
Downloads: 10
[audio]MA podcast - david rowland
guitar lesson
Keywords: guitar; lesson; beginner; acoustic; learn
Downloads: 33
[texts]DVD 02. Beginner. Level. 2.part 1 - DVD-02.Beginner.Level.2.
موقع علماء السلف
Keywords: DVD-02.Beginner.Level.2
Downloads: 129
[texts]DVD 03. Beginner. Level. 3.part 1 - DVD-03.Beginner.Level.3
موقع علماء السلف
Keywords: DVD-03.Beginner.Level.3
Downloads: 103
[movies]Revit - Family Basics, Modeling a Stool
In this tutorial I make a simple parametric stool in a generic family. I cover Working with reference planes, parameters and establishing constraints.
Keywords: revit; family; basics; beginner; stool
Downloads: 11
[movies]Inventor - Intro to Feature Based Parametric Modeling
Software : Autodesk Inventor Level : Beginner Description : In this video we cover the very basics of Autodesk Inventor as well as the basic concepts of feature based parametric modeling. Topics Covered - Basic Navigation - Sketches - Features - Feature Based Solid Modeling Concepts
Keywords: beginner; parametric modeling; solid modeling
Downloads: 26
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Elevating 960gs in Drupal with the Omega theme
This session will cover from the basics to advanced usages of 960.gs, and tackle issues including how to start using it to simplify your site layouts and theme setup, how to quickly wireframe your site in a way that will truly represent your final product after design implementations, pushing theming & grid based layouts further with preprocess functionality in your theme layer. This session will appeal to both those new to grid systems and 960.gs, and will also further appeal to those users tha...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; Beginner; Intermediate; Advanced
Downloads: 1,000
[movies]Rhino - Barcelona Pavilion - (3/3) Drawing the Section
In this Rhino video tutorial we will project a section drawing in 3d based on the the drawn plan and dimensional information about Mies Van Der Rohe?s Barcelona Pavilion.
Keywords: rhino; barcelona; pavilion; underlay; beginner
Downloads: 18
[movies]Rhino - Barcelona Pavilion - (2/3) Drawing the Plan
This Rhino 3D video tutorial goes through the basic steps of drawing a plan of Mies Van Der Rohe?s Barcelona Pavilion.
Keywords: rhino; barcelona; pavilion; underlay; beginner
Downloads: 27
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: How Drupal 7 Fields are changing the way you write modules
http://sf2010.drupal.org/conference/sessions/how-drupal-7-fields-are-changing-way-you-write-modules Drupal 7 introduced the notion of Fields, small pieces of data you can add to several kind of Entities. Several key modules are getting completely written to take advantage of this powerful concept in their Drupal 7 versions. In this session we will show how Fields are changing the way we write modules, for the better...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; Beginner; Intermediate; Advanced
Downloads: 1,324
[texts]Beginner's Guide To SMS Marketing
Beginner's Guide To SMS Marketing
Keywords: Beginner's Guide To SMS Marketing
Downloads: 23
[audio]Beginner Workout Routine For Kids - Jeff Wise
If you’ve read this blog long enough you know I stress that kids exercise should be fun. I’ve given away many fitness ideas and just recently gave away a free year’s worth of activities for you and your children. But what does a real beginner workout routine really consist of? That’s a question I’d like to explore with you today.
Keywords: beginner workout routine; kids exercise
Downloads: 171
[texts]Introduction to Programming Using Java - David J. Eck
uploaded by jedboom01
Keywords: Java; Computer Science; Introduction; Beginner
Downloads: 622
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Enterprise trends: Analyst panel - CMS experts
Jacob Morgan, from the Chess Media group, will lead a panel of enterprise social media analysts and experts to discuss what the upcoming trends in enterprise collaboration are. These trends include: * Popular social media channels will keep growing for brand marketers * Mobile and Geo marketing will grow * Internal community marketing will increase to improve collaboration and help generate new content * External branded community sites will grow but will need to integrate with many URLs for the...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; Beginner; Intermediate; Advanced; Expert
Downloads: 241
[movies]DrupalCon Chicago 2011 - New Directions for Drupal Documentation - Jennifer Hodgdon, Ariane Khachatourians
Drupal has a large documentation infrastructure around it, and a team of volunteers maintaining that documentation. In this session, one of the leaders of the Drupal Documentation effort will talk about: The different audiences for Drupal documentation (site builders, content maintainers, themers, coders, business decision makers) What kind of documentation is needed for each audience How the current Drupal documentation fulfills and fails to fulfill these needs Strengths and weaknesses of the c...
Keywords: drupalcon chicago; drupal; drupal community; beginner; documentation
Downloads: 96
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Adopting a Standard for the Enterprise: A Case Study of Florida Hospital
A case study on how Florida Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in the country, has standardized on Drupal as a Web platform both inside and outside the organization. With more than 100 departmental & team websites, as well as over 50 public facing web properties, dealing with so many customers, 15,000 employees, and living in the non-profit world presents it's challenges. Come hear how Florida Hospital streamlined their web platform, increased their ROI, put power in the hands of their conte...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; Beginner; Intermediate; Advanced; Expert
Downloads: 522
[movies]10 Tips for E-commerce on Drupal
Drupal is a powerful e-commerce platform, and it's not just because of its e-commerce specific modules. Drupal's core systems, contributed modules, and best practices provide you with the stability, flexibility, and power you need to build a highly functional e-commerce website. The biggest barrier to entry is simply knowing the pieces to put in place and the "gotchas" to look for as you build your site...
Keywords: Drupal; DrupalCamp Colorado; Beginner; Intermediate; dcco10
Downloads: 181
[movies]Drupal module developers toolkit
Module development in drupal can be kind of scary... unless you have the right tools. This session will go into the modules and outside tools that will make any developer's life that much easier. Session slides: http://docs.google.com/present/view?id=dfd4vgps_2grmddvd3
Keywords: Drupal; DrupalCamp Colorado; Beginner; Intermediate; dcco10
Downloads: 139
[texts]My name is Suzie - Hazel Owen
Basic numeracy task - information about age, date of birth, phone number, and address. Targetted to beginner level ESOL.
Keywords: listening; ESOL; beginner; numeracy; task; activity
Downloads: 43
[audio]Jammin' James - Nathaniel DiGloria
James Basalyga, first-year drum student, practicing "Jammin' James", written by his teacher Nathaniel DiGloria. N. DiGloria on tenor sax; Patrick Ekstrom on soprano sax; Jeremy Austin on piano. Recorded at Whitestone, Alaska.
Keywords: beginner; drums; practice; piano; saxophone; jazz
Downloads: 84
[audio]Things Can Change - The Enligsh Media Room
Hope becomes a protagonist in this beginner level story.
Keywords: reading comprehension; text; story; beginner; english
Downloads: 11
[audio]Telescopeman_Lashbrook_soundfile - Joe Lalumia
TelescopeMan audio file only recording of the July 2011 Beginner Astronomy Cl;ass. Llyod Lashbrook leads the class with a discussion of Objects in the Heavens. www.telescopeman.org www.telescopeman.info www.telescopeman.us
Keywords: telescopeman; astronomy; space; lashbrook; beginner class
Downloads: 91
[movies]DrupalCon SF 2010: Mining Social Media For Awesome Drupal Gigs
Social media is not always socializing on the web. It can also be about the viral spread of information between people. For well over a decade the internet has been providing a new means for communicating. For well over a decade I have been slowly learning how to grok that flow of information. Come to the sessions, and I will show you my methods for filtering the stream to get the information you want...
Keywords: DrupalCon 2010; Beginner; Intermediate; Advanced; Expert
Downloads: 310
[movies]TelescopeMan records the September Beginner Astronomy Class - 2011 - Bob Logue, Joe Lalumia
TelescopeMan records the Beginner Astronomy Class held at the Russell Planetarium in Mesquite, Texas; September 3, 2011. The subject of the class was "Our Place in the Universe". TAS member Bob Logue prepared the presentation which was given by TAS member Joe Lalumia. www.telescopeman.org www.telescopeman.us www.telescopeman.info Texas Astronomical Society web site: www.texasastro.org. The TAS video posting web site URL is www.vimeo.com/channels/tas
Keywords: Telescopeman; astronomy; beginner class; tas; space
Downloads: 31
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